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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Theses Are The Best Years Of Your Life.

i think i have finally realised why people say that bollocks. its not the fact that the 'teen' years are fun and none stop happiness. there is only one reason why its the best years off your life FREEDOM! from babyhood to the age of 16, you dont have really any responsibility, yeah 'tidy your room' and 'do homework' may then seem like the most annoying things in the world, but when you face the real world everyone would choose that labour over what work they have to do now, not just physical but mentally.

when you decide to be done with education, its then you realise that your on your own, one day, and that day seems to be coming at you like a hurd of elephants getting faster as each day ends. you have to get your own place, pay bills, do the whole courting thing untill finally you meet someone you want to be with. then you have to get to where you want to be with your working life, make a family if you want one. you never seem to stop climbing mountains to get to what you want, each time you get to the top of one, you look ahead of you and find a hand full more.

it all scares the hell out of me, as im sure it does to everyone onces they too realise whats ahead of them. im feeling more conserned and sorry for the generations after me who seem to be popping out everywhere. people think that the young have it easy theses days, but they really dont they are growing up more and more faster each generation. but i guess thats no big suprised, look back at the victorians, there would be 15 year olds married and a house full of screaming children. the young grow up faster because they are constantly having to prove to people they are grown up, and lets face it they dont get alot of respect. but im going off the point.

i remember when i was at school, seems like yers ago now when really it was just over two years ago. my mate had a death in the family, and it had finally hit her about the whole flaw in the great idea of 'death' that in the end everyone dies, and the world will goes on spinning and growing while you are rotting in your grave, or blowing in the wind. but it made me laugh that at 16 she had only really thought about it. but then i guess we all realise lifes little tricks at different times. i remember it hit me when i was about 6. the only difference is, she turned to religion, hard. where as me, i turn away from it even further, not that i ever believed in a 'higher power'. even now when i think about people making death out to be more then what it is fills me with anger. everything dies its just the way of life you cant change it or make it better. then it could be just me, i mean i can understand why people believe in it, why think about being worm food when you can think of what 'could' happen after you crock, the bubbly white clouds and tear fill reunions with family and friends. believe me if i could think like that i would, but its all lies that i cant understand how you would believe.

i think i should really end my ramblings now, cant even remember what made me do it. but the one thing i have learnt from my 18 years on earth is that you need a fantasy world, the worlds truths are far to ruff, but never mix them, keep them as far apart as you can, because if you mix then for even a second you get confused about whats real and whats not. as much as the truth of what we have, not just done to the planet but more importantly to ourselves is groteskly graphic, you would should as hell be lost if you didnt know it.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

GMTV please leave!

i was going to write a little 'why' i want GMTV to leave and never come back on my screen or anyone elses again, but now looking at the bit i wrote at the top do i really need to write anymore?

its really rubbish!

please bring back 'The Big Breakfast' i know it didnt really tell you any of the braking news, but does GMTV, not really its all one sided and the one they side on is very 'we hate everyone who isnt us, and because we are on tv we know all' were as 'Big Breakfast' was just comical in the not so having to think in the morning.
GMTV please leave threw the back door.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bad Bad Mood.

you know when you feel like shit, and you think eveyone is ignoring you and wishing you would just step far enough away from them so they cant see you? well im feeling like that today, well for the best part of a week, but time is not the issue, right? its only the amount of times the moon goes around the earth as it in turn goes round the sun.

the only think that has cheered me up was going to see Ross Noble yesterday, he is a funny man, if i could give awards for funny people he would surely get one, but sadly i dont, and thats because im not a funny person, and only funny people get to give things out to other funny people. hes not the only one that would get one, dont get me wrong. alot of people would wit and sarcasm may be the lowest form of comedy, but its bloody side cracking.

also i was getting really sick of hearing about 9/11 this week, i know it was a devastating thing to happen, but all this rubbish about 'fighting terrorism' is driving me crazy, all we are doing is making a group of people feel guilty over something they really shouldn't because a small minority do something stupid. am i the only one who things that blowing people up is more humane then having suspected terrist tortured? because what was happening in those american camps were wrong, and it still going on in those wonderfully nicknamed 'torture planes'. those pictures our 'brave', 'loyal' soldiers had taken of themselves with those poor men, stripped and humilated, what the hell were they supposed to prove? all i got was that we are really the barbarians, we are the ones who should be locked up.

and what is all this because of?? thats right, you get a gold star, bloody religion!! every war i can think of has come down to one religion or another, people being killed all because of some rubbish about this all powerful invisible bloke making us. it makes you sick thinking about all those people who got murderered for no other reason then them believing in a 'god' that the murderer calls by a different name, because thats the only difference between any of them.

i know this may not make any sense writing this after shouting my head off just now, but on another note, to all those old friends i use to have, im sorry i lost touch. if only i had meet up with you more, and argued over petty things less, i wouldn't feel so lonely and hollow.

Flamagated Binchvoyd

Friday, August 18, 2006

Rocky Horror show Remake

Every since my sister had found it cheap enough on Ebay and brought it i have being watching rocky horror every day, some people may say 'your obsessed' but my reply is 'what the bajuice! its a good film'.

so many good great films are getting remake today, Italian job*, The Producers, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory**, that i came to think of my very own remake of Rocky Horror, and who i would cast to play each pure original character. most if not all are British as im a Snob, and there isnt enough British Actors being given good roles.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter would be played by Stephen Mangan, i think he could pull off a crazed transvestite very nicely, also he is half way there with the hair so i wouldnt have to wait for it to grow.

Brad Majors would be played by Christian Bale as ive always wanted to know what he would look like in glasses, and he doesn't want to just stick to playing serious characters all his life he'll get a name for himself.

Janet Weiss would be played by Raquel Cassidy, as ive always love her acting ever since i first saw her in Teachers, and in my mind anyone is better then susan sarandon as im just not a fan of her.

Riff Raff would be played by Malcolm Mcdowell but the clockwork orange days (what?! i never said they were from the here and now, it can be anyone from any period in history) plus you need a very good actor to replace Richard O'Brien, crystal maze is all im saying.

Magenta would be played by Kelly Macdonald, now i know i know this is one of those 'far out there' picks, i know she would never be as good as Patricia Quinn, no one ever is as good as their original but i would love to see Macdonald as a crazy freaky woman i think she could do it, and like i said before you don't want to just play serious roles, im sure they get boring after a while.

Rocky would be played by Hans Matheson as Rocky is suppose to be handsome and young and Hans Matheson is very handsome and young.

the Narrator would be played by Richard Attenborough, i would love to see this man doing the 'Timewarp' dance, plus he has an excellent voice and thats what you need to be a Narrator, you don't want some 'bad-ass boy' doing it you wouldn't understand him, but really just seeing him do the 'timewarp' dance would make me very happy.

Columbia would be played by Shirley Henderson, because if i was ever a film director i would always have her in my films. i think she's fantastic, also Nell Campbell used a high voice and as we all know Shirley Henderson has one too.

you cant beat meatloaf, he has coolness puring out of him uncontrollably. so i wouldnt replace him, and anyway it always bumps up peoples interest if the film has an orignal member.

This was way harder then i thought it would be. Remember this is just for fun, if i EVER read anywhere that they are remaking it and casting rubbish actors who can barely pull of dramatic moment im going to start shooting arrows***

*even though the Americans messed that up by NOT basing the majority of the film in Italy, there is a hint in the name. and a member being killed by another member? i don't remember that happening. and everyone in it to steal the gold for themselves double crossing the rest of the group, i think not! stick to the original you get to listen to 'Quincy Jones - gotta bloomin' move on' song.

** Tim Burton, great with visual affects cant beat him, but he has never been all that good when it comes to the scripts.

*** Guns are too violent and way too much blood is spilt. You see, killing by crossbow is much more stylish, i for one, if i was being killed in some mass murder would choose the later.

Youth bashing.

I'm sick and tired of turning on the news or reading articles on the web* and having to listen to those sophisticated, never put a foot wrong reporters blaming the decay of 'community spirited' on the kids and young adults of today. The last time i checked we didn't as collection of babies born from the 80's and after get stranded on a desert island and left to bring ourselves up.

Take violence and gang war fair. Everyone goes on about it if it has just happening in the last ten year, I'm sorry but where the 'Teddy bears', 'hells angels' and 'skinheads' made up to scared little kids at night? I think not, they were well know for their violence. The great thing is not a lot of them were, like todays youth but people don't want to hear about the good ones.

If you gave the youth of today a chance and a voice to speak out with and not put us down all the time and push us into a corner then you might get more respect, people seem to forget it works both ways. We aren't the ones who voted for Blair THREE times, and then bitch because he didn't do what he said he was going to do, oooo what a surprise that was after the 100th time.
I'm not saying we are all nice and have fallen from heaven, because we aren't, there are some cruel, mean idiots out there, who deserves nothing more then being hit with a frying pan a few hundred times.

If i have to listen to another person saying 'it wasn't like that in my day' or 'my grandparents day' I'm going to scream. I'm glad its not like your day, we don't have an idiot who wants to start a world war killing millions of people because he wants to take over it. We don't make slaves of people just because of the colour of their skin or what class they were born into, we don't stop people from achieving the best they can be because of their sex. We have grown along way from being barbarians living in up trees, and we are still growing.

I'm sorry for going off on one but there seems to be far to many people out there bullying the youth then guiding them people forget we were just born into the society that we are growing up in.

also sorry for rambling of topic alot too, i do do that alot.

* don't read newspapers, the sun and mirror seems to be too busy stalking celebrities, if i wanted to know which celebrity is considering picking up a beefburger for their one meal a day I'd read heat. And lets face it the independent is a great 'grown' up newspaper but who can afford that, and for that price i don't want my arms hurting for having to hold it up because of the size of it.